Computers networking & security

Computers, Networking & Security

The Computers, Networking and Security program provides the student with the training and skills to understand the concepts and applications of software packages, the principals of networking, computer operations, servers, and networking security utilized in today’s automated office environment. Graduates from the program will be able to function as computer network technicians planning, building and maintaining computer networks for their employers making them an important part of the office team.

Because this program is offered in a hybrid format, students enjoy the on-campus support of a classroom environment combined with the flexibility to complete their distance education coursework at any time or place they choose (with a high-speed internet connection, of course). This helps students to manage the demands of their work or personal life while still pursuing their goal of a new career in computer networking, as well as complete course assignments when it is most convenient for them. Students log in to the American Institute online learning management system and can participate in live or video chats, post questions to instructors or peers, and review previous assignments when desired. The enhanced communication with the staff and faculty even when not physically on campus is a core part of the hybrid program format and helps to support student success as new skills and concepts are learned. Read more about the Computers, Networking and Security program in the catalog by clicking on the location you’re interested in from the menu above, and downloading a copy.

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Nature of the Work

Computer network technicians build and maintain computer networks used by business, education, government, and health-care institutions. Networks linking desktop computers allow users to send electronic mail (e-mail) and to share data, computer applications, and Internet connections. As more institutions establish computer networks, the demand for skilled computer network technicians will grow.

Computer network technicians, which are also known as computer network engineers or network specialists, must know current standards and terminology used for local area networks (LANs) and larger wide area networks (WANs). They often help plan their employers’ computer networks and then implement the planned networks. Most commonly, network technicians administer existing computer networks and troubleshoot problems as they arise. Computer network technicians need self-discipline and the ability to balance a variety of tasks. A technician must be able to spend long hours at a keyboard debugging a program and be dexterous and patient enough to weave a complex web of wires.

Because network technicians often provide technical support to network users, they must be able to help nontechnical people understand and use complex equipment and software. In addition to technical expertise, employers often require network technicians to excel in verbal and written communication and to have good interpersonal skills.

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